Ashrams for Autism offers a variety of trainings to help yoga teachers and other interested professionals work with individuals on the autism spectrum. Our 100-hour Yoga Alliance registered continuing education course prepares yoga teachers to lead classes for those on the spectrum. For schools and other facilities looking to incorporate yoga and mindfulness, Ashrams for Autism offers a 15-hour self-care course for parents, teachers and staff to begin to manage stress. Once completed, additional trainings on the art of leading parent workshops or classes for individuals on the spectrum are available.

Upcoming Trainings:

Self-Care and Resiliency for Parents Supporting Individuals with Autism


A Weekly Class
(3 Sessions) Sundays, October 15 – 29, 2017, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
$275 (Members & Nonmembers)

Self-Care and Resiliency for Parents Supporting Individuals with Autism

Sharon Manner & Dr. Marc Rosenbaum

A Holistic approach to self-care and stress management for families and professionals serving the autistic and special needs population.

Being a parent or support personnel serving children on the Autistic Spectrum/Special Needs can be one of the most challenging endeavors an individual can undertake. In this special training with two leading experts in the field, learn a holistic approach to self-care and stress management. Employing practical tools based on the principles of yoga, mindfulness, social-emotional learning, and life-enhancing nutrition, learn to reduce stress levels in order to better meet the needs of those in our care.

Presented in a series of three 5-hour sessions, we will explore:

  • Cutting edge tools and techniques to support individuals with ASD
  • How to develop relationship, leadership, and professional competence skills through focused listening, communication, forgiveness, taking responsibility, and conscious choice.
  • How to stay present and diffuse stressful moments and meltdowns.
  • How to help our children and patients improve their sleep, nutrition, communication skills, and reduce anxiety-inducing incidents.
  • How to accept the limitations autism dictates while envisioning greater possibilities for the future.

Suggested reading, Masterful Parenting:  Creating Meaningful Connection with Your Child.  Please note that excerpts of the book with be discussed in the workshop.



100 Hour Training for Yoga Teachers Courses for Parents and Professionals
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